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Sewage Cleanup

in Potomac, MD

Stop stinky problems from ruining your day and your home! At Michael & Son, we wash away sewage overflow problems by providing comprehensive sewage cleanup in Potomac, MD. Serving both commercial and residential customers, we quickly and efficiently remove sewage and contaminated water. As specialists in the restoration business, we have the experience and equipment to perform exceptional work. The services we provide include:

Sewage Containment | Sewage Extraction & Disposal | Complete Decontamination | Sanitizing & Drying Services

Sewage Overflow Cleanup Specialists

Don't waste time with wastewater! Instead, rely on us for prompt, professional, and emergency services. We don't want you to do it yourself or even depend on another company that provides sloppy work. The primary goal of our company is to flush your backup sewage concerns down the drain. In fact once the job is complete, you won't be able to tell you had a sewage problem. Not a scent or a sign!

What You Need to Know about Sewer Damage & Wastewater

Did you know that wastewater is labeled based on three categories? Some water is safe; some is not. We accurately determine the type of water in your place, remove it, and make sure you have a safe and dry home again. The three water categories are as follows:

Sewage Cleanup Potomac, MD

Fresh Water (Category 1)
• Caused by Broken Water Lines, Tub or Sink Overflows, Rain or Melting Snow
• Not a Substantial Threat to Humans
• Becomes Grey Water in Approximately Three Days

Grey Water (Category 2)
• Caused by Dishwasher Overflows, Toilet Boil Leaks, Waterbed & Aquarium Leaks
• Unsanitary Water That Could Cause Illness
• Becomes Black Water in Approximately Two Days

Black Water (Category 3)
• Caused by Sewer Backups or Water with Organic Matter
• Extremely Unsanitary Water Containing Bacteria

How to Remediate Sewage Damage

Why attempt to clean sewages spills on your own? You may be able to handle a minor overflow from a toilet, but when it's something bigger, you need professional assistance. Depend on our trained technicians to address all of your sewage removal and remediation needs.

Sewage is not only disgusting, but it also poses serious health risks. In fact, raw sewage overflow contains toxic substances that can make you very sick. Exposure to sewage and wastewater result in a variety of health problems, such as:

Hepatitis & Dermatitis | Weil's Disease | Legionnaires Disease | Gastroenteritis
Allergic Alveolitis | Asthma | Kidneys & Liver Damage | Blood Infections | Infection of Skin or Eyes

Contact us for emergency assistance if you have sewage on your floors. We serve residential and commercial customers in Washington, DC.

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