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Sewage Cleanup

in Reston, VA

Has wastewater or sewage invaded your home or business? If so, you're knee deep in problems! Take immediate action by depending on Michael & Son for sewage cleanup in Reston, VA. Because we provide 24-hour services, we are able to respond quickly to your needs. Our trained and fully equipped team effectively addresses your sewage damage issues.

Comprehensive Sewage Damage Cleanup

Rely on our specialists to ensure your place is sanitary, safe, and sewage-free again. After you've had a sewage overflow in your home, you don't want to see or smell any signs of sewage. We don't want you too either. Unlike other companies, we use experienced and courteous technicians to perform thorough and efficient backup sewage cleaning.

From complete cleaning to sanitization of the area, we ensure your place is unsoiled and fresh. Wash away minor and major sewage problems by contacting us for emergency services. We provide complete cleanup that includes:

Wastewater & Sewage Containment | Sewage Extraction & Disposal | Complete Disinfecting
Home & Business Sanitizing | Thorough Dry-Out Services

Three Types Water & Sewage Overflow Categories

Take decision action if your place is flooded with sewage. It's important to act quickly, because if left alone, the problem can become much worse. Bacteria and other contaminants will multiple and spread, making your home a toxic environment. In addition, water damage increases the longer you let it sit.

Because we have many years of experience in the restoration business, we thoroughly and accurately mitigate the sewage overflow problem. In addition, we are able to properly handle all three categories of water, such as

Sewage Cleanup Reston, VA

Fresh Water: Category 1
Consisting of clean water from busted water lines and other clean sources of water, Category 1 water is not toxic, but it turns to grey water within three days.

Grey Water: Category 2
Grey water is the result of water spills from washing machines, toilet bowls, and broken aquariums. If not removed soon, it becomes black water (Category 3).

Black Water: Category 3
Category 3 is toxic water that contains urine, feces, viruses, and other organic matter. It is usually the result of sewer line breaks or floodwater. It is a significant health hazard.

How to Properly Address Sewer Backup Problems

There's no one faster, more experienced, and better equipped to accurately address your sewage problem than our team. As a reputable restoration contractor, we never keep you waiting but answer your call at any time of the day or night. Armed with skilled technicians and advanced equipment, we work around the clock to ensure your place is dry, clean, and sanitary again.

Contact us for more information about our comprehensive sewage cleanup services. We serve residential and commercial customers in Reston, Virginia.

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