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Sewage Cleanup

in Woodbridge, VA

Something smells at your place, and you know what it is. Sewage! If you have sewage overflow problems, contact Michael & Son for immediate services. The skilled technicians at our restoration company will act fast to provide thorough sewage cleanup in Woodbridge, VA. By performing thorough and prompt services, we quickly resolve the problem so you can have a perfectly clean and sanitized living area again. There's only so much a mop or even a sump pump can do when there is sewage in your basement. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about backup sewage at your place, because we have the manpower, training, and equipment to efficiently address the problem. Most importantly, we provide more than sewage damage cleanup. In addition, we also perform the following services:

Sewage Containment | Sewage Extraction & Disposal | Complete Decontamination | Sanitizing & Drying Services | Restoration Work

Thorough Sewage Damage Cleanup

Protect your family and your home by depending on our team for sewage damage cleanup. The longer wastewater sits on your floors, the more problems you'll have. Sewage is not only repulsive, but it contains harmful bacteria that pose serious health hazards. Whether your drains have backed up from a sewer line clog or a major sewer break has flooded your home, it is imperative to contact our skilled sewage damage cleanup team. Exposure to sewage is known to cause serious problems, including:

Hepatitis & Dermatitis | Weil's Disease |Legionnaires Disease | Gastroenteritis | Allergic Alveolitis
Asthma & Respirator Problems | Kidneys & Liver Damage | Blood Infections | Infection of Skin or Eyes

Skilled Backup Sewage Specialists Providing Emergency Services

Experience and training means a lot if you need a sewage damage restoration company. However, it's also important that they offer 24-hour emergency services. After all, you can't afford to wait hours or days with raw sewage in your home. We respond to your needs - day or night and also on weekends.

We don't wait until the next day to handle your sewer problem. Instead, we place your wastewater removal needs as our chief priority. In addition, we are a friendly and professional team that provides efficient and affordable sewage cleanup. Our team diagnoses and mitigates all three categories of water damage, such as:

Sewage Cleanup Woodbridge, VA

Clean Water (Category 1)
• No Substantial Health Threat
• From Broken Water Lines and Tub or Sink Overflows
• Turns to Grey Water in 72 Hours

Grey Water (Category 2)
• Unsanitary Water Containing Contamination
• From Dishwasher Overflow, Toilet Backups, Waterbed Leaks, & Aquarium Leaks
• Turns to Black Water in about 48 Hours

Black Water (Category 3)
• Significant Health Threat
• Contains Harmful Bacteria & Disease-Producing Pathogenic Agents
• From Sewer Back-Ups or Floodwater with Organic Matter

Contact us for emergency assistance if you have sewage on your floors. We serve residential and commercial customers in Washington, DC.

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VA: (703) 962-6707

MD: (301) 760-4655

DC: (202) 769-5747

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